21 Rules All Royal Family Members Need to Follow From Birth

Per family has its own collection of customs. Outsiders may find them humorous and odd, but they have a profound significance for the family. It’s much more intriguing when it comes to royal households, whose rituals stretch back decades.

Look Fabulous With These Celebrity Beauty Lines

Celebrities are always in the spotlight looking absolutely fabulous! What is the secret to their beauty? Aside from great genes, they’ve also invested in quality products for their own beauty line. Each stars involvement with their line varies. Some are the face of the brand while others help to actually create the products.

Best Beauty Bloggers

So many brands, so little time. So, who do you go to make sure you’re up on the latest makeup and beauty buys? Bloggers! These bloggers are up on everything. From the latest shoes size to the latest shades to wear on your lips. Here are 8 of the BEST.

Celebrity Health Tips You Can Use

If you’ve been looking to lose weight, but aren’t sure whose advice to follow, the answer is very simple: celebrities. Who other than a celeb would have the best diet plans? After all, their entire career depends on how they look just as much as how they act. So listen to what the following eight celebs have to say about staying thin, and what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Think You Need Makeup? These Celebs Will Prove You Wrong

We poor women have it engrained in our heads that the only way to look beautiful is to wear makeup. But that thinking is just as unnatural as the cosmetics we put on our face. The truth is, natural beauty is what’s really beautiful. Embracing your skin with all it’s flaws – that’s how beauty comes out from within. Not convinced?

Look Years Younger With These Hairstyles

Some hairstyles can age you significantly, while others will take years off your look. Forget spending ridiculous amounts on plastic surgery, just get yourself a fresh new do! Check out these amazing, youthful, and fresh hairstyles.

Here’s Your Street-Style Game, Ladies

The fashion game changes quick. Especially when it comes to women’s wear. Thankfully, there’s a bunch of sites and blogs (like this one), to inspire you on what to up your style game with. So if you’re feeling like you need to refresh your wardrobe and up your street-style game, then check out these looks from the streets of New York, Milan, Paris – the most fashionable cities in the world.

Stunning Women With Beautiful Makeup

Makeup can totally change the way a person looks. It is meant to enhance natural beauty, and make your best features stand out. When makeup is applied properly, women look absolutely stunning all dolled up! Check out these 12 gorgeous ladies wearing beautiful makeup.